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Putna Waterfallshow map
About Putna Waterfall

Waterfall Putna is a protected area of ​​national interest (nature reserve, geological and landscape type), located in Vrancea district, on the territory of the commune Tulnici, near the village Lepşa.

Putnei Falls was declared a natural monument in 1973.

Is about 80 meters long, and water collects in a lake with a depth of about 12 meters.

Currently Putna Waterfall is included in Putna Vrancea Natural Park, as a  sustainable management area.

The waterfall importance consists in the landscape and hydromorphological characters.

Contact and information:

Address: Lepsa, Vrancea, Romania

Before Lepsa with about 2 km (from Tulnici) on the left side is the waterfall.

Opening hours: Daily

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