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About Living Fire

Living Fire from Andreiasu de Jos (natural monument) is a protected area of national interest (nature reserve of mixed type) located in Vrancea district, on the territory of the village of Andreiasu de Jos.

The natural area of 12 hectares is located in the central part of Vrancea County, at an altitude of 500 m, on the right side of the road, which connects the village Andreiasu de Jos and Andreiasu de Sus.

The natural area is a hilly area ( Tilia hill, with ravines and forms of erosion) consists of sedimentary rocks (marls and sandstones), in which  are reported emissions of natural gas (hydrocarbons), which spontaneously ignite and burn themselves.

Contact and information:

Address: Andreiasu de Jos, Vrancea, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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