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Horn Waterfallshow map
About Horn Waterfall

Horn waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall from Vrancea Mountains.

It reaches a height of 25 m.

The waterfall is located in the Nature Park Putna - Vrancea.

Contact and information:

Address: Is located between Lepsa and Tulnici, Vrancea, Romania

From Tulnici go in the Coza village and from here you will take the forest road about 16 km (just until the forestier canton Alunul- by car, 11 km) marked with red banda (red vertical line), from Alunul, 5 more km on the same forest road until the crossroad with the trail marked with yellow dot, from the crossroad 15 more min. till the waterfall (the trail has a distancee of 20 to 25 km).

From Lepsa you will go through Tisitei Canyons, marked with red triangle up to the crossroad marked with red stripe, then you will  follow the road marked with red stripe up to Saddle Tisitei (Saua Tisitei) until the first intersection with the yellow dot, that leads to the waterfall (the trail has a distance between 20 to 25 km).

Opening hours: Daily

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