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The Battle from Podul Inaltshow map
About The Battle from Podul Inalt

On the place where the grate battle happened it was raised up an important monument in memory of the ruler Stephen the Great (Stephen cel Mare).

In 1975, the equestrian statue of Stephen the Great was unveiled, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the victory of Moldavians led by Stephen the Great.

In the winter of 1474, Suleiman Pasha received orders from the Gate to pass in Wallachia and to remove the ruler Laiota, then, without delay, to start the battle against Stephen the Great and to pass through fire and sword the vilayets Bogdania (Moldavia).

To keep his throne intact, Laiota obey to the Turks. Ottoman army, gathering 100.000 Turks and Tartars, with 17.000 wallachian from Wallachia continue to advance towards the borders of Moldoavia.

Moldavian army consisted of about 40.000 Moldavian peasants and about 20 cannons.

On the morning of January 10, 1475, the Ottoman army, advanced in the valley Barlad on a thick fog. Weather and terrain were advantages for Stephen the Great and the ruler knew how to use them.

A part of Moldavia's army sat across the valley, and another with trumpets and whistles, on the right shore of Barlad.

When he gave the signal for battle with trumpets and whistles, the Ottomans were headed to the right side of Barlad believing that they will be attacked from that side.

Instead Stephen's army is on the left side of Barlad. When the Turks turned their backs and headed toward the right side of Barlad, they have been hit hard by the Moldavian army.

Many Turks were killed on the spot, few Turks have found salvation by running, those who fled and reached the Danube river were killed there by Moldavians, or were drowned by the waves.

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