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Turnu Monasteryshow map
About Turnu Monastery

The Turnu Monastery is an Orthodox monastery, situated in the Capatanii mountains on the left bank of the Olt river, about 2 km upstream of Cozia Monastery founded  by Mircea cel Batran (Mircea the Elder). The name comes from a tower located on the rock called "Peak  of Teofil" tower was built in second century by Roman legions from  Arutela camp.

The church was founded in the fifteenth century, when some monks of the monastery Cozia retreated here and built a wooden church dedicated to the "Entering in the Church of Our Lady". Initiative belongs to hermits  Daniil and Misail.

In 1676, abbot Varlaam built a stone church here, and in 1901 was built the church that is present today.

Both church and painting are represented by a modernist style which makes the style  of church to be different from Romanian churches.

Contact and information:

Address: Caciulata, Valcea, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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