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Mountain Resort - Voineasashow map
About Mountain Resort - Voineasa

Voineasa is located in Lotrului Mountains, at an altitude of 800 m.

Climateric resort of national interest, permanent operation with treatment base, recommended for treatment of respiratory diseases, anemia, locomotor recovery, combating physical and mental exhaustion and various weaknesses of the body.

The main factor of natural cure,  is bracing climate, very low pollution and sharp ionization of the atmosphere.

The treatment offers paraffin packing, aerosol, inhalations, herbal baths, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage and  recovery gymnastics.

Tourist attractions:


Vidra Lake

Bradisor Lake

Petrimanu Lake

Galbenu Lake

Lotrisor Waterfall

Cozia Monastery

Roman camp Arutela

Turnu Monastery

Cornetu Monastery

The development of agro-tourism hotels and chalets makes the Voineasa resort to be a recreational place, as they say, a "green" tourism.

In Voineasa you can experience horse riding (riding), hiking, cycling, fishing, or you can enjoy the nature in its splendor.

The resort has a complex consisting of 7 ski slopes equipped with telegondola, chairlift and teleski.

Transalpina 1, medium difficulty, length 2.300 m.

Transalpina 2, easy difficulty, length 750 m.

Transalpina 3, easy difficulty, length 400 m.

Transalpina 4, easy difficulty, length 750 m.

Transalpina 5, easy difficulty, length 700 m.

Transalpina 6, for beginners, length 200 m.

Transalpina 7, easy difficulty, length 1.250 m.

Contact and information:

Address: Voineasa, Valcea, Romania

Opening hours for ski slopes:

Tuesday - Sunday: 9:00 - 16:00


Skipass for adult/one day : 60 lei

Skiass pupil,student/one day: 40 lei

Skipass for children under 7 years: 10 lei

Sikpass for adult after 12:30 - 30 lei

Skipass for pupil,student after 12:30 - 20 lei

Adult pass 50 points - 100 lei

Adult pass 25 points - 50 lei

Skipass pupil/student 50 points - 66 lei

Skipass pupil/student 25 points - 33 lei

Teleondola ascent/adult: 16 lei

Teleondola ascent/child: 10 lei

Points are canceled as follows:

Telegondola - 8 points

Chairlift - 5 points

Teleski 1 - 3 points

Teleski 2 - 2 points

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