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Cornet Monasteryshow map
About Cornet Monastery

The Cornet Monastery it’s an Orthodox monastery situated in the mountains Lotrului on the banks of river Olt, at an altitude of 500 m.

It was founded in 1666 by boyar  Mares Bajescu and his wife Maria.

The church is high, with thick stone walls. The interior is divided into altar, nave and narthex, has two towers, one on the nave and the other one on the narthex.  The exterior walls are plastered with bricks . All around the monastery there is a belt of  paint flowery.

Is wrought in fresco painting, altar painting was painted in 1761 by Radu, Mihail and Iordache, and the nave and narthex in 1835 by the abbot Irinarh.

Contact and information:

Address: Tutulesti, Valcea, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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