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Arutela Roman Campshow map
About Arutela Roman Camp

The Arutela Roman camp is a historical monument dating from 137-138 AD, Roman period.

It was built in the reign of Hadrian, by a detachment of archers Syrian (Suri Sagittari) in the year 138, by order of Titus Flavius ​​Constans, prosecutor and military governor of Dacia Inferior.

The fortress is built of stone slabs,it has square shape and sides 60 meters equipped with semicircular towers at the corners, square towers in sideways of the Praetorian gate.

Arutela camp's have the mission to protect, maintain and secure the Roman strategic road, linking Olt Valley to Transylvania.

Contact and information:

Address: Caciulata, Valcea, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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