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The Danube Delta show map
About The Danube Delta

The Danube Delta, the only delta from the world declared a biosphere reservation. From 1991 is part of UNESCO world heritage.

With an area of 580.000 hectares is the largest protected area in Romania. Approximately 80% of the Delta is covered with water, a large surface covered of lakes, canals formed through the thickets of reed and cane, flood trees, ponds of  clear water, with white and yellow water lilies. This habitat is a paradise for fish  and birds.

The Danube Delta, houses 135 species of fish and 331 species of birds representing 81% of waterfowl from Romania. The 331 bird species include the most of the European population of white pelicans and dalmatian pelican, 60% of the world population of pygmy cormorant and 50% of the world population of red-breasted goose.

Also, in the Danube Delta there are more than 2.500 wild horses from forest Letea, otters, european minks, ermine, wild boars, wild cats, muskrats, foxes and raccoon dogs.

The Danube Delta is a national brand, a land of wild nature, a reservoir of biodiversity and a growing tourist attraction.

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