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Noviodunum Roman Campshow map
About Noviodunum Roman Camp

Roman Camp of Noviodunum dated from the Celts times, Noviodunum name comes from the Celts and means fortified place.

In 513 BC, Persian Emperor Darius the Great starts an expedition against the Scythians and reached in 514 BC to fight against the Scythians in Noviodunum, where is defeated.

With the establishment of the Romans in the province of Dobrogea, Noviodunum becomes an important military point. Roman camp Noviodunum was a part of the fortifications system who guarded  the empire border on the Danube. Noviodunum was the main seat of the Roman imperial fleet Clasis Flavia Moesica in charge with Danubian border.

In the following centuries, Noviodunum remained an important Byzantine naval base on the Danube.

Since 1340, Noviodunum was occupied by the Golden Horde, under the rule of Mircea cel Batran and Vlad Tepes (Dracula) who came here in 1462 during his campaign against the Ottoman Empire, but in 1484 becomes a turkish territory. The ottomans built a fort to defend the northern border.

Contact and information:

Address: Isaccea, Tuclea, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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