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Macin Mountains National Parkshow map
About Macin Mountains National Park

Macin Mountains are the oldest mountains in Romania.

Due to its natural potential, Macin Mountains National Park is accessible to a wide range of tourists interested in hiking, landscapes, flora, fauna park, studies and documentation.

On different levels of vegetation, between 7 and 467 m - Peak Tutuiatu, we find a unique landscape of steppe at the base of mountains, followed by forests with oak, ash, oak fluffy and meadows steppe, with an alpine aspect.

Macin Mountains National Park hosts a large number of creatures: jackal, tortoise, brown bald eagle, lynx, fox, wild cat, marbled polecat, beech marten, wild boar, deer, red deer, saker falcon, Long-legged Buzzard, European ground squirrel, transdanubian sand viper and four-lined snake - the largest and most rare snake in the country.

Tourist trails:

The Pricopan Heights trail - marking blue stripe, length 6 km.

Macin – Regia Tutunului (the Tabacco Administration) – Sulucu Mare Peak – Piatra Raioasa – Saua Serparu – Caramalau Peak – Fantana de Leac (the Curing Fountain) – Macin

The Tutuiatu Trail - marking blue triangle, length 7 km.

Greci Center – Morsu Valley - Tutuianu Peak – Piscului Inalt (High Crag) Valley – Dry Valley (Valea Seaca) – Valea Fagilor (Beeches Valley) – Cetatuia (the Fortress) Information Point

The Hill Road (Dealul cu Drum) trail - marking red triangle, length 14 km.

Greci – Racova Valley – Piatra Rosie (Red Stone) Valley – Curaturi Valley – Taita Valley – Nifon

The Cozluk Trail - marking red dot, length 16 km.

Greci – Crucele pasture – Radului Valley – The Crooked Lime tree (Teiul Stramb) – Baia de arama (the copper mine) – Pietrele Lacului (Lake stones) – Conaciu Peak – Poplars (Plopilor) Valley – Pietrele Mariei (Mary's Rocks) – Greci

The Wine Valley (Valea Vinului) Trail - marking yellow strip, length 12 km.

Cerna – Cerna Valley – Poteca Tigancii (the Gypsy Woman's Footpath) - Vergu Peak – Cardon Ridge – Hamcearca

The Crapcea Peak Trail - marking red strip, length 12 km.

Cerna – Valea lui Puiu (Puiu's Valley) – Echistea Peak – Crapcea Peak – Crapcea Hill – Balabancea

Contact and information:

Parcul National Muntii Macinului, Tulcea, Romania

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