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Halmyris Citadelshow map
About Halmyris Citadel

Citadel Halmyris was built over a getic place, by the romans, during the occupation of Dobrogea. Halmyris was a part of the fortifications system who guarded  the empire border on the Danube.

Roman citadel has a trapezoidal shape, with an area of about 2 hectares, with 15 towers, three gates and three waves of defense.

Halmyris was a secondary seat of the Roman imperial fleet Clasis Flavia Moesica in charge with Danubian border.

Units that were present in the camp:

Flavia Clasis Moesica

Legion I Italica

Legion XI Claudia Pia Fidelis

Contact and information:

Address: Murighiol, Tulcea, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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