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Enisala Citadelshow map
About Enisala Citadel

Citadel of Enisala was built in the XIII century, by Byzantine imperial power and rebuilt in the late fourteenth century by Genoese commercial power.

At that time the Genoese had the navigation monopoly  on the Black Sea. Citadel has a political, administrative and military role, by supervising the water and land roads from the Danube.

During Mircea cel Batran, citadel passed in the possession of the Romanian Country and included in the defensive system. After the conquest of Dobrogea by the turks, in 1419 - 1420, an ottoman military garrison was installed.

Subsequently, because  the turkish domination advanced beyond the mouth of the Danube till Citadel Alba and Chilia, and because of the formation of sand seams which separates Razim lake from the Black Sea, the citadel was abandoned because no longer corresponded the ottoman economic policy.

Citadel was ruined in the centuries that followed, but its abandonment by the turks made that, during the russian-ottoman wars, to be the only citadel that escapes without being demolished.

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Address: Enisala, Tulcea, Romania

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