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Dinogetia Roman Campshow map
About Dinogetia Roman Camp

Roman camp Dinogetia was a part of the fortification system, who guarded  the empire border on the Danube river. Dinogetia was situated between Tirighina-Barbosi, Noviodunum and Arrubium.

In the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), the camp is destroyed by the great invasion of  Zabergan's in 559 and ceases to exist during the time of Emperor Flavius Augustus Tiberius Mauricius.

Will be reused in the tenth century, during the return of Byzantine authority on the Danube river.

Units present in the camp:

Legion I Ivoia Scythica

Legion V Macedonica

Classis Flavia Moesica

Cohort I Cilicium

Cohort I Mattiacorum

Contact and information:

Address: Garvan, Tulcea, Romania

Opening hours:

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