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Timisoarashow map
About Timisoara

Timisoara is the largest city of the historical region of Banat, western Romania and the third city as population in Romania.

Name of the city comes from the river Timis (currently passing in south of the city), called by the Romans in ancient times Tibisis or Tibiscus.

The first documentary record of Timisoara city is in 1212 year.

During feudal anarchy, Timisoara became the capital of Hungary.

In the time of John Hunyadi (Voivode of Transylvania between 1441-1456) the city was turned into a permanent military camp and also in his residence.

The city will remain in possession of Corvin family until year 1490.

In 1552, 160.000 Ottomans under the command of Ahmed Pasha attacked and conquered the city, defended by 2.310 soldiers, making the city an Ottoman vilayet. City commander, Stefan Losonczy is captured and beheaded July 27, 1552.

For nearly 200 years Timisoara will be under Ottoman rule, the direct control of the Sultan. However, the Turkish occupation was a period of relative peace, Timisoara is mostly used by the Turks as a strategic point of departure for the military campaigns in the north-west.

After repeated attempts, Eugene of Savoy conquered the city in 1716 and Timisoara became the city of the Habsburg Empire.In 1919 Banat is divided between Romania, Serbia, Hungary.  For the first time in history Timisoara sees the Romanian administration.

As historical importance Timisoara is known for starting  the Romanian revolution against the communist regime and the first free town in Romania. On December 20, 1989, Timisoara was declared the first city in Romania free of communism, following bloody clashes with more than 1.000 dead and thousands wounded. These events led to the fall of the Ceausescu regime a week later.

Noteworthy are the following:

1718 - certification of the brewery, the oldest of Romania

1760 - the first city of the monarchy with street illuminated with lampss

1771 - first newspaper appeared on the territory of Romania and the first German newspaper in South-East Europe "Temeswarer Nachrichten"

1854 - the first telegraph service in a city in Romania

1855 - the first city of the Habsburg monarchy with gas-lit streets

1881 - the first telephone network on the territory of Romania

1884 - the first city in continental Europe with electric lighted streets, with 731 lamps

1886 - the first rescue station in Hungary and Romania

1889 - the first soccer match in Romania

1895 - the first paved road on the territory of Romania

1897 - first screenings on the territory of  country

1899 - the second electric tram in a city in Romania, after the one in Bucharest, 1894

1953 - the only European city with three state theaters in Romanian, Hungarian and German

The main attractions:

Hunyadi Castle

Baroque Palace

Citadel of Timisoara

Metropolitan Cathedral

Roman Catholic Dome

Millennium Church

Contact and information:

Address: Timisoara, Romania
Airport: International Airport Timisoara - Traian Vuia
Railway station: Timisoara Nord
Historical center: Union Square (Piata Unirii)

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