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The Citadel of Timisoarashow map
About The Citadel of Timisoara

Citadel of Timisoara was built in fourteenth century, during the Huniad reign and experienced 3 stages of development.

During Huniad, had four gates access: Transylvanian Gate, Gate Lipovei (Praiko) Arad Gate, Gate Water Tower.

In 1552, 160.000 ottomans led by Ahmed Pasa, conquered the citadel after a siege of 25 days.

Ottoman Citadel had 5 gates: Gate Azab south (Azab Kapi) Azab Gate to East, Gate Cocosului (OrosCapisi or Horrors Kapi, north), Water Gate (Vizi Kapu or Soukapî) Gate Parti (Parti Kapu).

Austrian imperial army conquered the citadel in 1716, after a siege of 48 days.

Austrians, in 1723 raised new lines of fortifications, with 9 towers and 3 gates.

Currently from the citadel remained only Bastion Maria Therezia, rest of the citadel was demolished in 1910 to expand the city.

Bastion Maria Therezia  was built between 1730-1735 and is the largest part of the defense wall of the Timisoara citadel.

Contact and information:

Address: Str. Hector, Timisoara, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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