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Hunyadi Castleshow map
About Hunyadi Castle

Hunyadi Castle is a historical monument and the oldest building in Timisoara, built between 1443 - 1447 by John Hunyadi, on the ruins of an old castle of the XIV century (built during the reign of King Charles Robert of Anjou).

Between 1441 and 1456,  the ruler of Timisoara was John Hunyadi. He has established his residence here and ordered the construction of a new castle, on the ruins of the old Royal castle. The castle was equipped with artillery towers.

The castle served as a noble residence for all the kings  who had arrived at Timisoara, before 1552.  During the Ottoman occupation (1552-1716) it served as a residence of the ottomans.

Due to the siege of the imperials, which led to regaining Banat area, the castle was damaged, so after 1716  was imposed its renovation. But his function was changed, being turned into military barracks and artillery depot.

In 1849, the Hungarian revolutionaries, besieging Timisoara, destroyed the castle,to the point that was needed a reconstruction of the building. Reconstruction and renovations were completed in 1856. The building was heavily modified, especially regarding the facade.

Today the castle houses the Banat Museum departments of history and natural sciences.

Contact and information:

Piata Iancu Huniade, Timisoara
Phone: 0256.491.339
email: muzeul.banatului @

Opening hours:

Currently, the castle is under renovation.

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