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Volovat Churchshow map
About Volovat Church

Church "Exaltation of the Holy Cross" in Volovat is a church founded by Stephen the Great between years in 1500 - 1502 in the village Volovat.

Ruler Dragos Voda (1351-1353) built a wooden church in Volovat (the oldest wooden church in Romania, founded in 1346), that Stephen the Great moved it to Putna Monastery.

In place of the wooden church, Stephen the Great built between 1500 and 1502 a church wall, as attested the inscription in Slavonic, located at the entrance to the church: "The onest and the God loving person, me Stefan Voivod, by the Grace of God, Lord of the Moldovian Country, son of Voivod Bogdan, with his lady Maria, daughter of Voivod Radu and with their beloved son Voivod Bogdan, had built this house in honor of the life-giving Holy Cross; and began in 1500 and ended in 1502, on the 46 year of his reign, September 14."

Contact and information:

Address: Volovat, Suceava, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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