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Salt Mine of Cacicashow map
About Salt Mine of Cacica

Mine Cacica is a salt mine located in village Cacica, Suceava district, Romania.

The entrance to the mine is made on fir stairs, 200 years old, mineralized by brine, who penetrated the wood. Temperature is about -15 degrees Celsius.

In 1989, archaeological finds have confirmed that Cacica  was one of the oldest salt mines recrystallized from brine (boiling and evaporation) in Europe, dating back from the early Neolithic. In the area there are now several salt springs.

The mine was manually dug by workers and technicians from various provinces of the Habsurgic Empire.


Roman Catholic Chapel of St. Barbara - located at the top of the stairs, with 192 steps, 21 meters deep.

Orthodox chapel - located at a depth of 35 meters.

Salt Lake – it’s an artificial lake, manually dug by miners at a depth of 35 meters.

Dance hall - located at a depth of 37 meters (is relatively large: 24x12x12 meters).

Dwarf Cave - located at a depth of 44 meters. (source: wikipedia)

Contact and information:

Address: Cacica,Suceava, Romania
Railway station: Cacica

Opening hours:

Daily: 9:00 - 17:00


Adults: 10 lei
Children: 5 lei

Visiting subscription scheme (for treatment, based on the doctor prescription), 5 days:
- adults 8 lei/day/person
- children aged 3 to 14 years  4 lei/day/person
- pupils (with pupils card aimed) 4 lei/day/person

Sports halls for rent: 100 lei/hour

Salt water pool: daily from 10:00 to 20:00
- adults 10 lei/day/person
- children aged 3 to 14 years 5 lei/day/person
- pupils (with pupils card aimed) 5 lei/day/person

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