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Reuseni Churchshow map
About Reuseni Church

Church "Beheading of St. John the Baptist" in Reuseni is an Orthodox church located in the village Reuseni (commune Udesti) at a distance of about 15 km southeast of the city of Suceava.

This church is considered to be the last church built by Stephen the Great (1457-1504), between 1503-1504.

The ensemble of church "Beheading of St. John the Baptist" from Reusen  is composed of two objectives:

Church "Beheading of St. John the Baptist" - dating from 1504.
Belfry - dating from the nineteenth century.

Church built on the site where, on 15 October 1451, the head of voivod Bogdan II was cut off at a wedding (1449-1451), father of Stephen the Great, by Petru III Aron (ruler of Moldavia during 1451-1452, 1454-1455 and 1455-1457).

History says that, after his father’s death, Stefan the Great took refuge in the neighboring forest, hiding in an oak tree, for fear of Peter Aron, who wanted to kill him.
Church construction was started on September 8, 1503 by Stephen the Great, but how voivod died in the meantime, the church was completed on 18 September 1504 by his son, Voivod Bogdan III (1504-1517).

Contact and information:

Address: Reuseni, Suceava

Opening hours: Daily

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