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About Sibiu

Sibiu is one of the most important cultural and economic city of Romania. The city is located in the south of Transylvania, in  Sibiu Depression.

It was declared a city in 1366 under the name Hermannstadt, although the first mention of Sibiu lands was made in 1191 under the name Cibinium.

Noteworthy is that Sibiu offered important events in the history of Romania:

1292 - the first hospital attested on the territory of Romania

1380 - the first school documented on the present territory of Romania

1494 - the first pharmacy in the current territory of Romania

1534 - the first paper mill on the present territory of Romania

1544 - the first romanian language book was printed at Sibiu

1551 - the world's first rocket experiment conducted by Conrad Haas

1788 - first theater on the territory of Romania

1817 - the first museum of Romania, National Museum Brukenthal

1928 - the first zoo of Romania

2007 - European Capital of Culture

Main tourist attractions:

Sibiu Lutheran Cathedral

The Defensive Fortifications of Sibiu

Brukenthal National Museum

The Catholic Church

Contact and information:

Address: Sibiu, Romania
Airport: Sibiu International Airport
Railway Station: Sibiu
Historical Center: Main Square (Piata Mare)

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