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The Citadel of Ardudshow map
About The Citadel of Ardud

Ardud and its castle’s history is closely related to the Dragffy family of Beltiug, and has been possessed by them since the end of the 15th century. A massive new castle was started to build by Bartolomeu Dragffy in 1481, where two reformed synods were held in 1545, respectively 1555.

According to a subsequent layout, an exterior backyard existed in front of the castle’s main entrance, and the family’s coat of arms carved in stone over it. During the 16th century, continuous battles took place towards the possession of the castle between emperor Maximilian and John Sigismund Zapolya.

According to a record from 1565, the fortress occupied by general Lazar Schwendi was taken back and demolished by John Sigismund’s troops. Following this, the fortress appears as crown-land until 1629, when the lordship was adjudicated to Borbala Segnyei, Mihaly Karolyi’s widow.

A new mansion was built between 1727-1730 by Sandor Karolyi, utilizing the old plinth and walls. The first count of the family died here in 1743. His grandchild, Antal Karolyi spent also years in the mansion.

It was the mansion’s chapel, where Sandor PetÅ‘fi and Júlia Szendrey had their wedding on 8 September 1847. During the 1850’s, the building had administrative roles, but following this, Lajos Karolyi neglected it. In 1896, during the Millennium, the family restored the castle, but it was demolished again during World War II.

Contact and information:

Address: Street Ardudul Mic, Adrud, Satu Mare, Romania
Phone: +4 0261.861.481

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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