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About Spa Resort - Tasnad

The thermal waters present in Tasnad are part of the existing hydrothermal resources in western Romania, whose formation contributed decisively to the invoice tectonic elements, namely, the presence of system faults that fragments terrestrial crust and allows the movement of downward and upward  ground water to great depths, and on the other hand, there is a geothermal anomaly, manifested in the context of positioning closer to the earth's surface asthenosphere, ie that "layer" within the Earth, characterized by temperatures that can reach several thousand degrees.

According to the analysis report no. 47/04.01.2007 issued by the National Institute of Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and Balneoclimatology, the water abstraction from Tasnad Resort is characterized by several physico-chemical that gives many valences, including therapeutic and spa.

According to the same report, the pharmacodynamic action recommends the thermal water for external treatment of the following conditions:

Rheumatic articulary
Peripheral neurological diseases
Chronic gynecological (outside flares and flare)
Posttraumatic disorders
Associated diseases (professional diseases, endocrine, metabolic diseases)

These indications have a general character, in each case is required the specialists' recommendation.

Contact and information:

Address: Tasnad, Satu Mare, Romania

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