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Trajan established a military stronghold at the site to defend the main passageway through the Carpathian mountains. The fort, initially built of wood on stone foundations, was garrisoned with 5.000 auxiliary troops transferred from Spain, Gaul and...

Built in the years 100 - 114, the roman camp served as a fortified Roman Dacia system.Troops that have passed and remained in the camp of Bucium were in the first phase, the cohort I Ituraerorum Augusta Sagitta and after year 114, the cohort II...

Wooden church from Rastoci, Salaj county was established in 1828. In this church is kept a mural painting signed by Eliiazar Tocaci of Pirosa, dating from 1833, famous for a unique scene: "Wheel of Life".The building bears the original architectural...

This edifice is a modern architectural ensemble, in which are joined with great skill, three functions: Ascension Cathedral, the monumental obelisk of Heroes - 50 m tall, and museum spaces for goods that are part of National Heritage.The interior...

The garden is a protected area of national interest (nature reserve, geological and landscape type), located in Salaj county.Dragons Garden Nature Reserve is a zone, which encompasses irregular rocks with bizarre shapes (towers, mushrooms, needles,...

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