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Mountain Resort - Azugashow map
About Mountain Resort - Azuga

Azuga is a resort town located in the mountains of Prahova county, Romania. Azuga contains the longest ski run in Romania, the Sorica - together with other ski slopes.

The town offers a breathtaking view over the Bucegi mountains, even from street level and especially from the top of the Sorica mountain (at the gondola arrival station).

Tourist attractions:

Cantacuzino Castle

Peles and Pelisor Castle

The Sphinx

Babele (The Old Women)

Ialomitei Cave

Ialomitei Monastery

Omu Peak (2.505 m)

Urlatoarea Waterfall

The Heroes' Cross


Tourists who decide to spend their winter vacation in Azuga, have two of the best ski slopes in the country: Sorica and Cazacu, together with a large offer for lodging.

The resort offers: ski slopes, telegondola, chairlift.
Contact and information:
Address: Azuga, Romania
Railway station: Azuga
Telegondola and chairlift Azuga

Opening hours:

Daily: 9:00 - 16:00


1 journey (or Return): 20 lei           
1 trip (round trip): 30 lei            
5 Travel (30 Points): 90 lei            
10 trips (60 Points): 170 lei         
20 Travel (120 Points): 310 lei          
30 Travel (180 Points): 450 lei         
1 day card: 135 lei

Children (under 14 years)
1 journey (or Return): 15 lei
1 trip (round trip): 20 lei
5 Travel (30 Points): 60 lei
10 trips (60 Points): 110 lei
20 Travel (120 Points): 200 lei
30 Travel (180 Points): 270 lei
1 day card: 90 lei

The cards are valid at Azuga gondola, chairlift Sorica  and mini - chairlift Cazacu of the peak.
1 trip with telegondola = 6 points
1 travel - chairlift Sorica (from mountain peak) = 2 points
1 travel - mini chairlift Cazacu (from mountain peak) = 1 point

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