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Varatec Monasteryshow map
About Varatec Monastery

It is the largest monastery of nuns from Romania.

Varatec Monastery is an Orthodox monastery of nuns (400 nuns) in Romania, located in a clearing, at the foot of the mountains, in the village Varatec, district  Neamt, at a distance of 12 km from Targu Neamt.

Varatec Monastery ensemble consists of five objectives:

Church "Assumption" - dating from the early nineteenth century
Belfry gate - dating from the nineteenth century
Church "St. John the Baptist" - dating from 1844, with additions around 1880
Church "Transfiguration of the Lord" - dating from 1847
Cells - dating from the XIX-XX

Of heritage objects stand out:

Gospel in Slavonic, printed in Lviv in 1644 and locked in silver
Gospel in Greek, printed in Venice in 1811, covered in silver gilt and enamel adorned with icons
Gospel great printed at Neamt Monastery in 1821, covered with gilded silver
Tarnosania, leather-bound manuscript, copied in 1752
Hronograf, leather-bound manuscript, copied in 1805

Contact and information:

Varatec, Neamt, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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