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Reserve of European Bison "Dragos Voda"show map
About Reserve of European Bison "Dragos Voda"

In 1968  was established the reserve of european  bison "Dragos Voda" from Vanatori-Neamt, in Natural Park Vanatori-Neamt.

In 1970, was brought 3 bison from Poland, with the names Rarau, Roxana and Raluca. In 1974 were born the first two bison of the reservation: Rosina and Roco.

On November 24, 1977, were brought from the former USSR 5 Caucasian bison: Medalist, Menthol, Metocika, Meringhia and Mexicana.

Currently there are only 6 bison, two males and 4 females for tourism purposes. The rest of  28 bison are in the natural park  wich covers an area by 180 hectares.

In the reserve, along with bison can be see: Carpathian deer, fallow deer, deer, foxes, badgers, rabbits, bears, wolves.

Contact and information:

Address: Vanatori-Neamt, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

Tickets: 5 lei

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Reserve of European Bison "Dragos Voda"
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