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About Neamt Monastery

The Neamt Monastery  is a Romanian Orthodox religious settlement, one of the oldest and most important of its kind in Romania. It was built in 15th century, and it is an example of medieval Moldavian architecture. A jewel of 15th century architecture, the church was built during Stefan cel Mare's reign and finished in the year when the Moldavian army won the battle against King John Albert (1497).

Sumptuous, with delicate colour effects, the monastery shows the maturity of the Moldavian architectonic style. The facade of the church is covered with a decoration characteristic of Stefan cel Mare's time: Gothic windows and friezes with enamelled disks, coloured in green, yellow and brown.

The art treasures kept at Neamt Monastery are proof of the intense artistic and cultural activity which took place here through the centuries. Here Gavril Uric showed his talent, the most important representative of the Moldavian miniature from the 15th century. His first known manuscript, dated 1429, is kept in the Bodleian Library at Oxford UK.

Contact and information:

Manastirea Neamt, Vanatori-Neamt,Romania

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