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Bisericani Monasteryshow map
About Bisericani Monastery

It seems that the first wooden monastery was built here, since the reign of Alexandru cel Bun, these being the first donations. Later, Stefan cel Mare, Stefan Voda, Petru Rares and Alexandru Lapusneanu they were enrolled among founders - donors, Stefan Voda was the one who raised the first church wall.

In 1627, under Miron Barnovchi mound, were constructed the three towers and in 1631, during the reign of Moses mound, the great chancellor Dumitrascu builds a big tower, in the southwest corner.

During that period, or in the coming years, the walls are built in the inside of these towers, Monastery Bisericani turning into a safe place even in the most troubled times. Also, in 1637, under the ruler Vasile Lupu, narthex and bell tower was built above it, refectory with cellar and several wooden huts.

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Address: Bisericani, Neamt, Romania

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