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Tabula Traianashow map
About Tabula Traiana

Monument built by Emperor Trajan, opponent of King Decebal,  to mark the Roman  triumphal march of troops in Dacia and to commemorate victories over the Dacian kingdom in the aftermath of Dacian-Roman Wars (105-106), and also, to mark the completion of the Roman military road.

The monument dates back nearly 2000 years, at the exit of Cazanele Mici, but on the Serbian bank, near the statue of Decebal.

Has a 4 m length and 1.75 m high.

The text engraved on plate is:

"Emperor Nerva son of divine Nerva, Nerva Trajan, Augustus, Germanicus, Pontifex Maximus, invested four times as Tribunus, Father of the Fatherland, Consul for the third time, the bridge was made by excavating mountain rocks and using wood beams "

Tabula Traiana is the only one that still exist, from the 10 plates carved into the canyon.

Contact and information:

Address: It is situated between localities Eselnita and Dubova near the town Orsova, Mehedinti County, Romania

Opening hours:

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