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Statue of Decebalusshow map
About Statue of Decebalus

Decebalus (Diurpaneus, called Decebal, dek = to honor, Balos = strong), the last king of Dacia between 87-106.

This idea of carving the statue of Decebal in mountain,  belongs to Iosif Constantin Dragan, also he promoted and funded the idea in the period 1994-2004.

The statue has a 55 m height and 25 m wide, is the largest statue in Europe, with 8 meters higher than the Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro and with 6 m lower than the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Eye length is 4.3 m, length of nose 7 m, width nose 4 m.

The construction of Decebal statue took 10 years and 12 people worked to achieve it.

The statue is located on the rocky shore of the Danube, between the localities Eselnita and Dubova, near the town of Orsova, Romania.

Contact and information:

It is situated between localities Eselnita and Dubova, Mehedinti County, Romania

Opening hours:

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