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Drobeta Roman Campshow map
About Drobeta Roman Camp

Drobeta was the first citadel built by Emperor Trajan in Dacia (103-105), with a military and political importance, which provides security of the bridge that connects the south bank of camp Pontes (in Serbia) and the north shore of Drobeta camp.

Today, remained the foundations of the camp, which consisted of 4 gates, houses, barracks, roads and the building of Pretoria (commander) located in the center of the camp, where  Emperor Trajan himself  stopped in the winter of 105.

Units that were present in the camp:

Legion I Italica
Legion IV Flavia Felix
The Macedonian Legion V
Legion VII Claudia
Legion XIII Gemina
Cohort I Antiochensium
Cohort I Sagittariorum
Cohort I Cretum
Cohort II Hispanorum
Cohort III Brittonum
Cohort III Campestris

Contact and inforamtion:

Address: Str. Independentei, no. 2, Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Romania

Opening hours:

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