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Wooden Church from Poienile Izeishow map
About Wooden Church from Poienile Izei

UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Known as “Poienile Glodului Wooden Church”, the church is in the historical region of Maramures and was built in 1632 by the community.

It is one of the most beautiful and best preserved wooden churches of Maramures, illustrating the time evolution of Maramures wooden churches.

Note that in the top, just under the cross, there is a metal crescent, which is said to have been located there for protection against the Turks and Tatars invasions. It is known that in their incursion in Maramures, in 1717, the Tartars burned all the Iza Valley communities with churches and their homes and took many slaves, escaping only the Ieud church, dated 1364, and another church in the Meadows Iza, protected by the Islamic crescent.

Royal doors are made ​​of wood lime in "fretwork carving", representing vines with grapes and leaves, having medallions with the four evangelists, apostles and prophets.

The Heritage of the Church is remarkable for its bells from 1673 and old religious books from 1699. (source: wikipedia)

Contact and information:

Address: Poienile Izei, Maramures, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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Wooden Church from Poienile Izei
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