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Wooden Church from Ieud Dealshow map
About Wooden Church from Ieud Deal

UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Church dating from the second decade of the seventeenth century, is with a century older than the lowland wooden church, the second wooden church in the village and one of the oldest preserved in Maramures.

In its exterior austerity, heated inside by the consoles carving and by the vivid colors of the mural painting , the wooden church represents the peak of art and technique of building wooden churches.

Its value is accompanied by a set of painting of best quality, the most representative work of the famous local painter Alexandru Ponehalschi.

The Mural painting covers the entire inside of the church, the altar, the nave and the narthex.

Ieud Deal church was raised from spruce beams, connected with smooth loops in hidden tooth. The soles and portals, more exposed to moisture, are made of oak. The walls are lifted straight, then fastened with wooden pegs.

Contact and information:

Address: Ieud, Maramures, Romania

Wooden church from Ieud Deal should not be confused with wooden church from Ieud Ses.

Opening hours:

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Wooden Church from Ieud Deal
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