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Stephen's Tower show map
About Stephen's Tower

Stephen's Tower (Turnul Stefan) is a tower located on Citadel Square in Baia Mare, Romania. Over 40 metres high and built in a neo-Gothic style, it is a symbol of the city.

Eventually used for strategic observation and detecting fires, Stephen's Tower was initially a bell tower for Saint Stephen's church, built in 1347-76 as the only double-naved church in mediaeval northwest Transylvania.

The church (50.6 m long and 19 m wide, with naves 25 m long), though not quite finished, was dedicated in 1387, when it was first mentioned as St. Stephen's. The bell tower was added in 1446 on the church's southwest side; it was begun during John Hunyadi's reign in honour of his 1442 victory over the Ottomans near the IalomiĊ£a River and completed in 1468 under his son Matthias Corvinus.

Over the years, the church was in ruins and repairs estimated to be very costly, so the authorities decided to demolish.

In 1628, four mechanical clocks with moons (one on each face), manufactured by a Presov clockmaker, replaced the tower's bell.

The four turrets situated on top of the tower were a sign to let foreigners know that the town had the right to sentence to death.

Contact and information:

Address: Baia Mare, Romania
Phone: +4 0262.225.773

The tower is situated in the old center, on street Casin.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 14:00
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
The tower can be visited only on request, for a group of minimum 5 persons.

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