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Spa Resort - Ocna Sugatagshow map
About Spa Resort - Ocna Sugatag

The resort is situated at an altitude of 490 m, at the foot of Tiblesului and Gutin Mountains.

Factors that have contributed to the formation of the spa resort are  concentrated chlorine mineral water springs, the salt lakes formed by the collapse of the salt mines and the sedative bioclimate loaded with negative ions due to the presence of salt lakes and forests.

Lakes which stand out:

Gavril lake, 30 meters deep, 2.35 ha surface, the largest antroposalted lake in Romania, which, curiously, keeps at the surface, a freshwater  layer  where  fishes are living.

Taul bottomless, 33 meters deep, the deepest lake in Ocna Sugatag.

Therapeutic Indications:

Rheumatic diseases

Articulary rheumatic diseases

Peripheral neurological diseases - gynecological diseases

These indications have a general character, in each case is required the specialists' recommendation.


Hydrotherapy, warm baths in pools, aeroheliotherapy, cold baths, medical massage, thermotherapy, electrotherapy.

In the time spent on Ocna Sugatag can visit the following attractions:

Woooden Church from Desesti

Woooden Church from Budesti Josani

Woooden Church from Budesti Susani

Woooden Church from Sarbi Susani

Woooden Church from Sarbi Josani

Woooden Church from Barsana

Barsana Monastery

Sighet Prison

Rooster's ridge 1.450 m

Contact and information:

Address: Ocna Sugatag, Maramures, Romania

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