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Mountain Resort - Borsashow map
About Mountain Resort - Borsa

Being situated at an altitude of 850 m, the resort has an alpine climate. It is located in the far north of Romania, in the eastern part of Maramures Depression, enclosed by Rodna and Maramures Mountains (Eastern Carpathians), Valley Viseu, near Prislop, connecting Transylvania to Bukovina.

The resort is part of Rodna National Park, which houses a rich population of carnivores: bear, wolf, fox, otter, lynx, wild cat, martes, badger, but also carpathian deer, chamois, alpine marmot, deer, wild pigs, predatory birds: golden eagle, greater spotted eagle, forest eagle, red footed falcon, pigeon hawk, long eared owl, boots buzzard, hornets, tawny owl, large owl, little owl, sparrow hawk, common buzzard, kestrel red, swallows falcon, peregrine falcon.

Tourits attraction:

Horses Waterfall

Pietrosu Peak

Iezer Lake

Wooden Church from Borsa

Mocanita from Viseu de Sus

Prislop Pass

Wooden Church from Ieud Deal

Wooden Church from Ieud Ses

The development of agro-tourism hotels and chalets makes the Borsa resort to be a recreational place, as they say, a "green" tourism.

In the time spent on Borsa you can practice horse riding, hiking, cycling, fishing, or you can enjoy the nature in its splendor.

Because the persistence of the snow layer is extending from December to March and the average snow depth is 50 cm, the resort is suited for winter sports.

The resort has ski slopes equipped with chairlift, teleski and nocturne.

Slope Poiana Stiol, medium difficulty, equipped with chairlift and teleski is situated in Poiana Stiol.

Slope Pricop, medium difficulty, equipped with teleski and nocturne is situated to the north of the resort.

Contact and information:

Address: Borsa, Maramures, Romania

Opening hours for ski slopes:

Slope Poiana Stiol
Daily: 9:00 - 17:00

Slope Pricop:
Daily: according to customer demand for a group of min. 10 people


Slope Poaina Stiol

5 lei/ascent teleski
8 lei/ascent chairlift
75 lei/day pass

5 lei/ascent teleski
5 lei/ascent chairlift
45 lei/day pass

Slope Pricop

2 lei/ascent teleski
20 lei/day pass

1 lei/ascent teleski
10 lei/day pass

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