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Citadel of Baia Mareshow map
About Citadel of Baia Mare

In 1469, November 9, through a privilege document, King Matthias Corvinus allows city Baia Mare to raise stone walls for defense, walls that were guarded by seven towers.

The Polish troops besieged the citadel in 1490 and managed to conquer it.
John Sigismund, principe of Transylvania, besieged the citadel in 1567 and distroyed a part of it.

The citadel was almost entirely destroyed in 1672, by order of the Habsburg Empire. Only the Butchers bastion  and a part of the wall (located in Monetariei Street, near the History Museum) were preserved.

The bastion had the role to protect the citadel and also, to be a gunpowder deposit.

This stronghold was built somewhere around the year 1547, by some Dragyi Gaspar, with the approval of King Matthias Corvinus. The walls were built of stone and have a thickness of one meter, two-storey circular shape.

Contact and information:

Address: Baia Mare, Maramures

Butchers Bastion is located in Piata Izvoarelor from Baia Mare

Opening hours: Daily

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