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About Barsana Monastery

Barsana Monastery was built in the middle of the sixteenth century, by the family of voivod Dragos, on one of their properties.
The first documents regarding Barsana Monastery dates from 1390. In a document of July 21, 1390, concerning the properties of Dragos royal family, is mentioned a road that splits, one leading to Barsana village and the other to the monastery.

The monastery was built of wood, by local tradition, under the direction of the arhitect Cordos Dorel. It is composed of: a specify maramures gate, a bell tower, a church  (57 m height), a summer altar, monks cells, a chapel, (built on several levels) and foremen house.

Contact and information:

Not to be confused with the Wood Church from Barsana

Barsana, district Maramures, Romania

It is located at the exit of Barsana, to bridge Slatioarei

Opening hours: Daily

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