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"St. George" Churchshow map
About "St. George" Church

"St. George" Church from Harlau is an Orthodox church, founded by ruler Stefan cel Mare in 1492.

The historical monument was raised in 1492, when Stefan Voivod, restore the royal court which dated from the reign of Petru I Musat (1375-1391).

Royal Court in Harlau was the point link between Suceava and Iasi.

The church was painted during the reign of Petru Rares. Ruler Radu Mihnea renovates the church and uses the royal court in 1624.

In 1791, boyar Michael Racovita made ​​some repairs. Last restoration was made ​​between 1931-1932.

"St. George"
Church belongs to the urban churches group, constructed by Stefan cel Mare.

Contact and inforamtion:

Address: Harlau, Iasi, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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