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About Iasi

Iasi is the main urban center of north-eastern Romania, the fourth largest city in Romania, a cultural, economic and academic center of Moldavia region. In this city was founded  the first university of Romania, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, today one of the most prestigious academic institutions of the country.

Iasi was the capital of Moldavia in the period 1564 - 1859, one of the two capitals of the United Principalities between 1859-1862 and the capital of Romania between 1916-1918.

The city of Iasi was first mentioned in a commercial privilege issued in 1408 by ruler of Moldavian - Alexandru cel Bun.

Noteworthy is that Iasi offered important events in the history of Romania:

1600 - Michael the Brave (Mihai Viteazul) has enshrined the Union of Romanian Principalities

1638 - the first horologe from Romanian countries  was installed in 1638 by Voivode Vasile Lupu in the tower of the Three Hierarchs Monastery

1640 - Voivod Vasile Lupu established the first school  in romanian language and a typography in the Three Hierarchs Monastery

1646 - is published in the printing of "St. Three Hierarchs"  the first law book in Romanian language

1698 - the first Romanian philosophical work written by Dimitrie Cantemir

1714 - Dimitrie Cantemir the first Romanian member of an academy, the Academy of Berlin

1816 - the first theatrical performance in Romanian, Mirtil and Hloe

1840 - the first National Theatre in Romania

1856 - the first botanical garden in Romania

1860 - inauguration of the University of Iasi, the first Romanian university

1887 - the first medical publication in Romania

1918 - the inauguration of the first memorial house in Romania: Ion Creanga

Main tourist attractions:

The Palace of Culture

The Three Holy Hierarchs Monastery

The St. Nicholas Royal Church

Cetatuia Monastery

Galata Monastery

Golia Monastery

Frumoasa Monastery

Memorial House "Ion Creanga"

Barnovschi Church

Hlincea Monastery

Barnova Monastery

Contact and information:

Address: Iasi, Romania
Airport: Iasi International Airport
Railway Station: Iasi
Historical Center: Palace Square (Piata Palat)

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