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Hlincea Monasteryshow map
About Hlincea Monastery

Orthodox monastery, founded in the late sixteenth century by  Maria, daughter of the ruler Peter Schiopul.

Ensemble of Hlincea monastery  is a historical monument and includes:

Church "St. George" - dating from around 1587.

Ruins of hermitages - dating from the sixteenth century.

Belfry - dating from the seventeenth century.

Defense wall - dating from the seventeenth century.

During the reign of Vasile Lupu (1634-1653), were performed major repairs and expansions.

The monastery is a fortified complex, in quadrilateral shape with sides of 60 m and 5 m high walls.

Painting of Hlincea monastery, dating from 1659, was made during the reign of Stefanita Lupu, by artist Ioan Matei.

Contact and inforamtion:

Address: Hlincea, Iasi, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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