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Golia Monasteryshow map
About Golia Monastery

Golia Monastery is an Orthodox monastery and a historical monument, built during the reign of Ioan Voda “the Terrible” by boyar Golia.

The church of boyar Golia was restored to other dimensions by ruler Vasile Lupu between 1650-1653 and completed in 1660 by his son Stefanita.

The monastery is pillaged, burned in 1687 by invaders from the north and affected by earthquake in 1738, however resist and will be repaired numerous times.

The church combines, after expressing of Tsar Peter the Great of Russia in 1711, "three kinds of crafts: Polish, Greek and Turkish.". Painting, rebuilt several times, keeps few original frescoes.

Monastery is surrounded by a high wall with turrets at the corners built in 1667 and a bell tower rebuilt in 1900. Enclosure walls have 9 m height and a thickness exceeding 1 m.

Chronicler Paul of Aleppo, described the monastery like: "has no pair in all these countries due of its height, width and greatness."

Contact and information:

Address: Str. Cuza Voda, no. 51, Iasi, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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