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Galata Monasteryshow map
About Galata Monastery

Orthodox monastery, founded in 1583 by ruler Petru Schiopul.

Ensemble of Galata Monastery is a historical monument composed of:

Church "Ascension of the Lord" - dating from the period 1582-1583.

Royal Palace - dating from the period 1726-1728.

The bell tower - dating from 1584.

Defense wall - dating from 1584.

Is a fortified monastery in a round shape, with a tower bell at the entrance and walls of 10 m high and 1 m thick.

Galata Church is a representative monument of Moldavian architecture. It is built of hewn stone blocks.

The name comes from Galata neighborhood of Constantinople (Istanbul), the place where the Moldavian rulers lived and were they went to the Ottoman Porte to receive the warrant (warrant issued of sultan, by which they were appointed or banished).

Contact and inforamtion:

Address: Str. Manastirii no. 4, Iasi, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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