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Dobrovat Monasteryshow map
About Dobrovat Monastery

Dobrovat Monastery is an Orthodox monastery, is the last monastery founded by Stephen the Great (Stefan cel Mare).

Ensemble Dobrovat monastery is a historical monument and includes:

Church "Descent of the Holy Spirit" - dating from 1503-1504.

Church "St. George" - dating from 1607.

Belfry - dating from 1743.

Defense wall - dating from 1743.

The Dobrovat monastery church was originally built in 1503 by Stephen the Great (died before completion) and completed during the reign of Bogdan III. The place of worship was painted between 1527-1531, during the reign of Petru Rares.

In 1607, ruler Simon Movila raised the church "St. George".

Dobrovat monastery is plundered by tartars in 1658 and in 1663 is restored by Racovita boyars.

The church is built of rough stone and brick in Moldavian style, the painting was completed in 1531 and is almost entirely preserved.

Contact and information:

Address: Dobrovat, Iasi, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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