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Cetatuia Monasteryshow map
About Cetatuia Monastery

Orthodox monastery, founded by the ruler Gheorghe Duca in 1668.

The whole monastery fortress is a historical monument composed of:

"St. Peter and Paul Church" - dating from the period 1669-1672.

Gothic Hall - dating from the period 1669-1672.

Royal House - dating from the period 1669-1672.

Body cells - dating from 1928.

The bell tower - dating from 1670.

Inside wall - dating from 1670.

During the invasions of Moldova, the fortified building of the monastery functioned as a fortress.

In 1716, the Austrian army enters the Romanian countries, a german army invaded Romania and takes prisoner the Romanian ruler Nicolae Mavrocordat.

Ruler Michael Racovita, not having money to pay mercenaries and having only one faithful guard people, he retires in the fortress monastery and ask for help to Tatars and recives an army of 6.000 Tatars.

The Austrians attacks the monastery in January 1717. They are defeated and captured by the Tartar-Moldavian army, then beheaded and hanged by order of Michael Racovita.

Contact and information:

Address: Str.
Cetatuia, Iasi, Romania

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