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Spa Resort - Geoagiu-Baishow map
About Spa Resort - Geoagiu-Bai

Geoagiu-Bai it is a permanent spa resort located 18 km north of Orastie and 46 km northeast of Deva, in a hilly area, at an altitude of 350 m, at the foot of the homonymous depression, in SE of Metaliferi Mountains at the confluence of rivers Geoagiu with Mures.

Baths from Geoagiu are known since the Roman Empire, in that time named as "Thermae Germisara" or "Germisara as Thermis".

The climate is moderate continental. The annual average temperature 9.8°C.

Natural cure factors consist of alkaline mineral water, slightly sulphurous, bicarbonate, magnesium and thermal mesothermal (29-32°C) peat mud, ferruginous, sedative climate.

Therapeutic Indications: musculoskeletal disorders (rheumatism, neuralgia) gynecological disorders, nurit and metabolic diseases, dermatological diseases, hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis. Ozonized air and always refreshed by breezes mountain, recommended for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, tiredness, anemia, neurosis.

These indications have a general character, in each case is required the specialists' recommendation.

Tourist attractions:

Roman thermal baths

Mesothermal waters Geoagiu Bai

Roman Camp Germisara

Waterfall Clocota

Roman road

Contact and information:

Address: Geoagiu Bai, Hunedoara, Romania

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