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Luncani-Piatra Rosie Dacian Fortressshow map
About Luncani-Piatra Rosie Dacian Fortress

UNESCO World heritage site.
Piatra Rosie, which means Red Rock, was a Dacian hill fort two days march to the west from Costesti-Cetatuie, at Luncani in Bosorod municipality. It was built in two phases. In the first phase a long (102 m) rectangular main citadel was built at the height of land with watch towers on each end and two outlying watch towers. Later the larger area inside the watch towers was enclosed with walls. It appears that the hilltop was flattened in the process in order to produce a usable space.

Piatra Rosie Dacian fortresses, forms part of the defensive system which includes six Dacian fortresses - Sarmizegetusa Regia, Costesti-Blidaru, Piatra Rosie, Costesti-Cetatuie, Capalna and Banita. All 6 have been named UNESCO World heritage sites.

Contact and information:

Luncani, Hunedoara, Romania

From village Luncani follow signs "Cetate Piatra Rosie"

Opening hours: Daily

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