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Costesti-Cetatuie Dacian Fortressshow map
About Costesti-Cetatuie Dacian Fortress

UNESCO World heritage site.

Costesti-Cetatuie Dacian fortresses, is part of the defensive system which includes six Dacian fortresses - Sarmizegetusa Regia, Costesti-Blidaru, Piatra Rosie, Costesti-Cetatuie, Capalna and Banita. All 6 have been named UNESCO World heritage sites.

The fortress was built in the first century BC, with purpose of protection against Roman conquest.

Its fortification consists of a mound with palisade, broad at base approx. 6-8 m and a height of 2 to 2.50 m, which protect the top of the hill, plateau and terraces.

On the plateau are traces of two residential towers built at the base, with stone foundations and brick on top. A monumental stair of  stone, 3 m wide is leading to one of these towers.

Destroyed during the Daco-Roman War, in 102 BC, the city was speedily restored and then permanently ruined and abandoned in 106 AD when the Romans conquered Dacia.

Contact and information:

Address: Costesti, Hunedoara, Romania

From village Costesti follow the signs marked with yellow cross about 40 min.

Opening hours: Daily

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