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About Colt Monastery

Colt Monastery is an orthodox monastery from Romania located in Rau de Mori commune, Hunedoara county. It is one of the first certified monasteries in Romania, built in the early century. XIV, somewhere in the years 1310-1315 by the Cândesti family.

In the fifteenth century is founded a hermitage under the influence of Prislop Monastery. This hermitage has functioned until the second half of the seventeenth century, the Calvinists have banished monks and monastery remained derelict until 1989, when the bishop of Arad, decided to restore monastic life.  In 1995 the hermitage comes to life thanks to the establishment  of a group of monks.

Monastery's church is made of stone, with  buttresses, ship-shaped, with altar and nave. It has a square tower (which was used for defense), with three rooms . The vertical tower and the stairs are difficult. In the last two rooms, monks have lived there. Inside the church is a painting made around 1350 by the same artist Stefan, who painted the churches Densus and Ostrov.

Contact and information:

Address: Rau de Mori, Hunedoara, Romania

Opening hours: Daily

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